#rsrh The New Yorker and the The Obama That They Used To Know.

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It’s impressive, in its way: The New Yorker manages to go an entire article where they portray President Obama as a gormless idiot with no feel for practical politics, an active disdain for business activities, and a fundamental incapacity for hiding his (completely unwarranted) attitude of smug superiority who take the first two things seriously – and yet they never actually sayany of those things.  It’s quite an exhibition of rhetorical skill.  Note that I am assuming that the New Yorker is being tongue in cheek when it repeats such errant nonsense as “He is so private, and so emotionally and intellectually honest;” I mean, surely that magazine is much more sophisticated than the parochial rubes that spout off that kind of delusional tripe?

Via Business Insider.




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  • K M Scane says:

    Thanks for the link. Moe. ‘Tis SO refreshing to see how The Other Half lives. Such trials,such tribulations, it all seems so……Obama-Like.
    First they (hearted) him, now they by and large ‘gots better things to do’.
    Funny, how that worked out.
    But I went to shouting at the screen when T N Yrker claimed he didn’t hire any lobbyists, Ayt All.
    Big lumpy FAIL there……..

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