#rsrh Trust the NYT magazine to make a mountain out of a macaque.

Background: there’s a macaque monkey loose in Tampa Bay.  It’s been there for years, and generally speaking, the populace is perfectly fine with that.  The government is not, but it has not successfully captured the beast, apparently because it is chasing a super-genius macaque monkey which is also being pretty much aided and abetted by the human citizenry.  This will keep happening until the monkey either flips out and actually attacks people, or it dies of old age.  The end.

But in the hands of the NYT, we get a parable about compromise.  Although, to be fair: you can see where that part was grafted on.  So I blame the editor, not the author.

Moe Lane

PS: I give the NYT style points for putting in a ninja reference:

As sightings stacked up in the following days, it became clear that the macaque was crossing the highway again and again, threading traffic like a running back. One afternoon, Yates and an F.W.C. investigator named James Manson managed to dart the animal in a church parking lot but lost track of it before the drug took effect. At one point, the two men were staring into tangled brush, stumped, when Manson tilted his head and saw the monkey perched with ninja-like stillness above him, close enough to touch. The two primates locked eyes. Then the monkey turned and was gone. “And that’s really when the story began,” Manson told me.


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