Obama for America’s quiet, nervous, base repair efforts.

So, I get forwarded this email blast from the go… the people over at Obama for America:

Yeah, the usual outrageous outrage from the outrageously outraged Left.  So far, so typical.  But then I noticed something: where’s the video link?

I mean, a video of the original remarks is available, obviously: here, watch it for yourself.

You can also watch here the video of Romney telling the media that yeah, he said it, and he’s not exactly sorry that he said it either.  But never mind that right now; the question before the board is, why on earth did Obama for America not show the video to its email subscribers?  Why didn’t they even link to it, if it was so horrible? – And before you wonder: go to their donation page link, and it won’t show up there, either.

The answer? …Well, you just watched the video yourself, so you know the answer: the video is only horrible to Democratic base voters.  Show it to an undecided swing voter, and there’s far too high a chance that he or she will pretty much agree with the sentiment.  Which is something that Mitt Romney knows very well, which is why he smilingly encouraged the people who published the clip to publish the whole video.  And it’s also something that Jim Messina knows very well; which is why he deliberately didn’t make the video easy to see and held off on the usual begging  for five bucks that stereotypically infests Obama campaign ads.  Bottom line: Obama for America is not going to use this incident to get more swing voters, although they certainly won’t mind if that happens (it won’t).  What they’re apparently going to use this incident for is to shore up their own base.

And that is… interesting.  Not surprising, if you were aware that Gallup is showing a drastic reversal in voter enthusiasm since 2008.  Or that Pew is showing that the Democrats took a nosedive in 2010 when it came to political party identification and haven’t recovered since.  Or even that it’s almost October and nobody’s seriously talking about the possible coattails of an Obama victory. Or even talking about it at all…

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  1. The whole DNC focus on abortion and race was to energize their base. Heck, they admitted they weren’t going to reach out to white working males back in, what, June? They knew they were behind and needed to keep the base engaged before that.

  2. And with today’s Palestinian ‘revelations’, I say three words–Rashid Kalidi tape? LATimes, tick tock. That’s two words, if you’re Biden.

  3. I’m not worried about the video at face value, but the media spinning it as “Romney hates poor people” and using the OfA letter as a jumping off point. It’s still early, but I get more worried about this election with each passing day.

  4. Who among you can add one day to your life through worry? The election is what it is. Work hard at whatever you do to support to cause of the Right, but tieing yourslef in knots helps noone. When Mr. Obama consedes, drink in the gasping sobs of the left and savor. Rest easy in the belief that we will see our enemys driven before us and hear the lamentations of Keith Olberman…

  5. JeffV – I have lived every day the last 4 years of my life in worry. And frankly I’m fed up of it. You are 100% correct, but somehow till I see Obama out and his agenda reversed, I don’t think I can ever sleep well at night.

  6. Ironically, Obama’s negative coattails are the only thing keeping Akin’s hope alive.


  7. kowalski – to JeffV and OU812 … removing Obama is one battle in a long-term “war of ideas”.

    Winning this election just means we get to not lose the next one… and then the one after that.

    The Reagan Revolution and the Contract with America crowd both made the same mistake – victory followed by turning away from politics and going back to work.

    Should we win, I’d hope we can stay involved.


  8. Yes, cat, but there’s a lot riding on this particular election. More than normal. Also, winning here will give us two more years to pick apart the other sides ideas and peal off some of their base. I believe they are a much more uneasy coalition than we are and, given time, the working blue collar Dems can be moved into our column in enough numbers to give us some breathing room for a while. Two more years will also give the media time to reorganize under a new paradigm of more new media and less old media that I think favors us (but I could be wrong). Drudge linked to an article today with a nice graph showing the precipitous fall in ad revenue for newspapers over the last few years. If we win here, in all probability some of our ‘enemies’ in the newspaper business won’t exist by the next time around. Well, that’s probably too much talking on my part already, I could go on, but I try remind myself that random political opinions are of no value on the internet (no offense to Mr. Lane, who is good at what he does and includes the value added of entertainment as a bonus).

  9. Tnfriend, not me, that’s for sure! Akin shoulda been a given and McMahon a longshot…

    Stupid Party. *sigh*


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