#rsrh Crass – and frankly, unerotic – sex blogtalk takes down Keith Fitzgerald’s (D CAND, FL-16) comm director.

Now this is what I call wasteful: “Dem Candidate’s Comms Director Resigns After WatchdogWire Report.

The details are, alas, FAR too salacious to be repeated here, especially since my readers are clearly too refined to have them recounted – what’s that?  Oh, right, sorry: here’s the link.  Be sure to listen to the video if you’ve ever wondered what a woman faking an orgasm sounds like – but the real tragedy?  It’s FL-16.  Vern Buchanan was going to steamroller Keith Fitzgerald anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: Here’s a pro-tip for all those budding Communications Directors out there: your job is to transmit your boss’s irrational prejudices, woolly thinking, and general asshattery.  Not your own.  Nobody cares what you think.  If they did, you’d be the one who would need to have a Communications Director.


  • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    I mean Moe to be honest what competent Communications Director is going to work for a Democrat in FL-16? I mean if that is your job – you are either starting out or an incompetent hack no one will hire or doing a favor for someone who matters who likes Fitzgerald.

  • Jack Savage says:

    Jack’s Law:

    The desire of a Democrat woman to talk about her sex life is inversely proportional to a normal, heterosexual male’s desire to participate in her sex life.

    In other words honey, if you don’t have sex with Republicans, well….thanks!

  • BigGator5 says:

    Sadly, I know what a woman faking an orgasm sounds like. 🙁

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