QotD, Chris Christie Has A Point edition.

From his Esquire interview:

My wife says to me, “Why did you make our son be a Mets fan? You coulda let him be a Yankee fan and he coulda been happy.” I said, “As a Mets fan, he’s going to understand pain and disappointment. Other losses that he experiences in life, he’ll keep in perspective.” You don’t change your loyalty.

To be a Mets fan is to be an intimate in the mysteries of pain.



  • acat says:

    You comin’ to a Cubs fan for sympathy, Mets-boy?
    Christie does, indeed, have a point.

  • Brad S says:

    Very useful thinking from Chris Christie. Even I, as a dilletante Rockies fan, can use it.

  • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    Another from the Governor of New Jersey that Obama can use:

    “If you try to play footsie with these union folks, they often interpret kindness as weakness. And you can’t have that. You have to be able to perform acts of kindness to show people that you have it in you, but you also better be able to show people your tough side. If you don’t, they’ll try to walk all over you.”

    Substitute, “radical Islamic thug” for “union folks” and it would be the best advise, Obama has gotten in this whole sordid affair.

  • joated says:

    As a Mets fan since 1962, I wish the hell Christie were wrong…but he’s not.

    Neiether are you, Moe, when you say: “To be a Mets fan is to be an intimate in the mysteries of pain.”

    *sigh* Wait ’til next year…again.

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