NRCC Ad: “This is our moment: This is our America.”

Don’t forget, folks: it’s not just the Presidency.  We have House and Senate races to attend to, too.

This came out a few days ago, but the NRCC‘s point has obviously not become less relevant since then.  Volunteer.  Vote. Speak up.  And remember: you are not taking back your country: that would imply that somebody actually had the right to take it from you in the first place.  You are merely smacking down a bunch of idiots who thought that we had given them the keys to the candy shop.

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  • techsan says:

    Ryan was in Green Bay today at some sort of sporting event they have 8 times (or more) each year. Turns out, through a historical quirk, a few of the games are reserved for Milwaukee residents due to legacy stadium locations. In any case, a bunch of those folks were in the area today for a game. “Two more days” was the chant following him. Make it so.

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