Obama’s would-be Egyptian puppet Mohammed Morsi is… not working out.

You know, when GEORGE W. BUSH propped up a puppet strongman…

…then by GOD that strongman stayed both propped up and a puppet.  There was none of this nonsense where the strongman would go off in a wild tangent with the sudden emergency powers and the apologetics for terrorist attacks against an ally and the counter-rioting/nascent revolutions.  No, the understanding was simple. Keep the country stable; don’t shoot down people in the street and don’t lock up the non-violent opposition; and don’t embarrass that nice Uncle Sugar – and his even nicer no-limit credit card.  Do that, and the not-kings got to keep their not-thrones*.

Honestly, rocket science this is not.  If you had told me, back in 2007, that even a Democratic President would be unable to pass Realpolitik 101 in 2012, then I would have… well, honestly, first I would have wondered if Hillary Clinton had had a stroke or something.  But I’d still would have been incredulous at the idea that such simple concepts as the above could have been so thoroughly mucked up.  I sometimes wonder what infuriates the American Left** more: that their self-anointed Messiah Barack Obama doesn’t seem to have a foreign policy more sophisticated than Do whatever Bush did, or that Obama’s so incredibly bad at even that

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I know that the USA has a big thing about democracy and republican forms of government and this is all a very good thing.  But our practical foreign policy seems to be big on the idea of creating and supporting monarchies.  If I could suggest a compromise: perhaps we should stop trying to fight the tide of our own hidden assumptions, and instead insist on creating constitutional monarchies?

**Well, that portion of it that actually cares about foreign policy, or at least can successfully lie to itself that it really does care.  Although I imagine that most people in either group are a little stressed and distracted right now with pretending that they’ve always loved the idea that the US government could freely engage in no-oversight drone strikes, including against American citizens.


10 thoughts on “Obama’s would-be Egyptian puppet Mohammed Morsi is… not working out.”

  1. As your banner says: Winter is coming.
    THe only question now is where are the battle lines and which side will we be on. With this president, I am not sure who our allies will be.

    1. Democracy contains the seeds of its’ own destruction, proles and bread and circuses, eh?
      Some days, I think we’d be better off implementing a constitutional monarchy *here* …

      1. heh, I am with ya. the stupidity is great is so many, it would scare Benjamin Franklin.

        BTW, we should not let this go, we need to make them own it. I would say a good forty percent of hard core Dems would agree Barrack is their lord and savior. The more people here it, the more they are forced to own it, the more the lines are drawn. Of course this is why the right will probably drop this by late this afternoon.


    1. No great mystery, jbird.
      The anti-Romney attack ads early in the cycle turned off the low-information GOP-leaners, people who *didn’t* tune in for the debates and who Romney didn’t reach by going on SNL or The View or other vapid-media where he could reach ’em.

    2. As I’ve been saying, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but sometimes you can fool 51% of the people at election time.

  2. Honestly, rocket science this is not.
    Moe, it’s not rocket science, it’s Squamish. But the mistake that everyone seems to make is to assume that Obama is playing 43-Man Squamish. Instead, he’s playing 2-Man Squamish. The rules are the same, except in 2-Man Squamish, the object is to lose.

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