This Heritage Action video is giving the Left the fainting vapors.

Gotta agree with Ann Althouse, here: if this Heritage Action rally-the-base video is freaking out Josh Marshall then the man ain’t what he was.

THAT required a passive-aggressive Godwinization on Marshall’s part?  Geez, I knew that the man sold out and everything – but surely he still has his dignity, right? …Or maybe he’s just too beaten down to be able to process the idea that some groups simply won’t let themselves be broken as easily as, well, apparently Josh Marshall.  Don’t know; can’t say that I really much care, either.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “This Heritage Action video is giving the Left the fainting vapors.”

  1. So… mass crowd scene filmed in black & white reminds Josh of Wagner and Leni Riefenstahl? Historical illiteracy must be a horrible burden.

  2. I’d be a whole lot happier if this video was giving Boehner, CAntor, McConnell and the other weasals the vapors. Who cares if some liberal doesn’t like it.

    THe most important questions for me is it true? Or have many walked off the field. ANy new recruits?

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