…So, yeah, got sucked into Civ5.

Got sent a Steam code as a Christmas present, because I have awesome readers. Between that and a bit of a cold, it’s been a remarkably unproductive day.


2 thoughts on “…So, yeah, got sucked into Civ5.”

  1. Civ will be Civ.

    Hell, I’m in the midst of a relapse into the bastard child of the Civilization series, Call to Power.

  2. The most awaited Minecraft mod EVAH got released Friday, and most of the others have caught up to the latest Minecraft release today. A couple mods have had to change download sites because they blew past their normal hosts’ allowance.

    I didn’t even blink at throwing away my old world. Now if I could only get Linux installed on my new PC — it’s infected with Windows 8, and MSFT seems to think the hardware belongs to them.

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