“The Riders of Rohan.”

The Riders Of Rohan (Album Version), Lord Of The Rings 2 Soundtrack

Three years or so from now, when the last Extended Version of the last Hobbit movie is out… I’m going to watch it all.  Like, all six, in one sitting.  Because what the hell is the point of being an adult if you can’t do something silly like that?

4 thoughts on ““The Riders of Rohan.””

  1. I’ve been intending for years now to someday watch all three extended edition Lord of the Rings movies– while reading the books. I figure I can read all 1100 pages of the books inside of the 11+hour running time of the movies.

    1. Then you’re a better man than I, O Hewer-of-caves — I read the 759 pages of the final Harry Potter book in about 11 hours, and that’s a quicker read than Tolkien…

  2. Moe: make sureyou get up frequently and move around, with the length of the movies you will be at risk for blot clots and ulcers on your a##.
    I remember having the time in my youth to watch entire series like star wars or nightmare on elm street in one sitting with friends. Kinda sucks being a responsible adult and not having that freedom anymore

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