TAKE THAT GUN AWAY from Joe Morrissey (D, Virginia House of Delegates).

Before the idjit hurts himself with it.

Background: the aforementioned idjit decided to wave around an “AK-47-style rifle” on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates as part of a fairly bizarre gun-grabbing stunt.  Now, Morrissey claimed that the gun was unloaded, but then

“Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, interrupted Morrissey’s speech to ask him to take his finger out of the trigger guard…”

…Joe Morrissey is apparently not exactly qualified to be an expert on gun safety.



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2 thoughts on “TAKE THAT GUN AWAY from Joe Morrissey (D, Virginia House of Delegates).”

  1. Some gun control activists are so vile and so determined that it almost convinces me that it is about more than gun control. I think the desire for liberals even just citizens that are liberals to control others is so strong and so intense that it has taken tha place of any thought or logic. For all liberals want to make fun of conservatives for being ignorant and always relying on the Bible,
    Which to them is a silly book of fantasies, the vast majority of liberal arguments come not from facts (although they will claim they do), but from their own belief system. Liberals have a basically kumbuhya view of what the world should be and will only respond to or acknowledge facts that support those views.

    This picture should be on the front page of a conservative publication. With idiots this
    Big we are missing so many opportunities to push our message because we don’t have bigger outlets for getting out message out.

  2. So some stupid liberal who knows nothing about gun safety wants to impose ineffective laws on all the intelligent, self-sufficient folk who know about gun safety…because said stupid liberal assumes everyone else is as stupid as he/she. K. Got it.

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