Democrats’ concealed carry bill dies in Colorado.

Not before time, honestly.

Amid flagging support from his own party, the Democratic sponsor of a bill banning concealed weapons on college campuses spiked his own bill Friday night on the floor of the Colorado Senate.

Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, asked that HB 1226, a bill to ban concealed weapons on campus, be postponed until May 10, two days after the end of the session. The move effectively killed the bill.

Moral of the story: never tell a rape survivor who testifies that she got raped because she was banned from concealed carry that she doesn’t actually need concealed carry. Well, that’s the first moral of the story; the second moral is, don’t put Democrats in charge of state legislatures until they finally purge all those freaking Sixties liberals (and their descendants) from leadership positions.


3 thoughts on “Democrats’ concealed carry bill dies in Colorado.”

  1. I noticed this quote: Campus violence is a comprehensive problem that needs comprehensive solutions, and I would like this bill to address more of the concerns raised in this debate.
    Translation: The bill isn’t dead. It’s only on the back burner and they are going to keep bringing it back until they succeed or they are thrown out of office so hard that they won’t be able to hold any political office five incarnations later.

  2. Of all the stupid proposals, this one was the one that made the least amount of sense given the prompting tragedy. Insane man shoots up a school. So, students should lose their ability to protect themselves and be even more vulnerable?

  3. As a new Colorado resident, I am encouraged. But in one sense, it just doesn’t matter. So, you guys up in Denver, go ahead and vote your conscience. If you vote yeah or nay, it doesn’t matter, because I can no longer risk voting for a single democrat in any state (or federal) office ever again. You, as a group, have shown you cannot be trusted with any level of power. Not that I’ve found a dem worth voting for in a long time, but now, even if the individual is a great guy, if the group achieves a majority status, abuse follows.

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