The Democrats spent $2M on #sc01 and all their base got was… what, not even a T-shirt?

Jim Geraghty did a perfectly acceptable job taking the Democrats to the woodshed for being blindsided in yesterday’s win in SC-01 (I will note, btw, that I in fact called it ahead of time), but I want to highlight this part:

It’s bad enough for the press to not know the district, but national Democrats don’t have that excuse. Today you’re hearing a lot of talk along the lines of, ‘oh, everyone knew this was a really conservative district and that Sanford would probably win.’ Well, you don’t spend more than $2 million ($1.2 million in donations to Colbert Busch, more than $929,000 on independent expenditures against Sanford) for a race you know you can’t win. Maybe this race really was unwinnable for Democrats, but this means that the DCCC and its allies have serious problems in assessing the terrain and determining which races ought to be prioritized.

…and normally I’d tell Jim to it-quay with eing-bay elpful-hay, but fortunately the Left never takes our advice. Seriously, they never do. It’s like they’ve got this gigantic blind spot in their vision; you can draw a goram blueprint for them, complete with a list of parts and their prices on Amazon, and they’ll just ignore it. Which is fine, of course, but it’s also kind of bizarre.

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “The Democrats spent $2M on #sc01 and all their base got was… what, not even a T-shirt?”

  1. Hearts vs. Minds, Moe. Hearts vs. Minds.
    Libs let emotions (“We want to win!”) trump thought (“Very red district, no chance…”)

    1. They have no grounding in reality. Steve Cohen is batmanure crazy but I don’t expect we are going to take him down in TN09 regardless of who we run. Why would libs be expecting to win SC01? Even better, they actually believed McConnell was just going to rollover for a Hollywood liberal from Tennessee in Kentucky? McConnell might rollover for Dems in the Senate but he ain’t never been anything but a junkyard dog on the campaign trail.

      1. I work in Cohen’s district. They still have his face on a billboard with Obama from 2012 election. I pass it everyday and not sure which image is more nauseating.

  2. The thing is Sanford was available to the voters and Busch wasn’t. If she had put on her walking shoes instead of hanging out with her elite donors, she might have had a chance, or at least made it a lot closer than it was.

  3. Makes me glad we didn’y spend the money in Jesse Jackson’s old district lest we be accused of the same

    1. Something is wrong with my typing today, second time in a row I put an “y” at the end of a word instead of a “t”.

      1. Does. Not. Compute.
        Yes, we had very little chance of winning JJJ’s district. (Jesse J Junior) That does not excuse us from not trying.
        Can’t get on the board if we don’t play, eh?
        No, we should not have spent big money, but one decent – maybe even a cross-over, i.e. plug the GOPer running in the special election and also plug a general election shoo-in.

        1. But there was those that wanted us to go full hard at that seat, I am saying that I am glad we saved the resources as the chances were slim. Its worth competing in all seats but don’t burn money for no reason.

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