Jim Geraghty makes a VERY good point on #benghazi.

Alt title: Jim channels ME – God help him – on CNN.

Which is to say: he said pretty much what I would have, assuming of course that anybody was ever insane enough to put me on CNN.

The short version: Jim did some vigorous pushback on the excuse of Oh, well, we’d cover this story except that there’s some random person on the Right pounding the table so we can’t look like loons that far too many people in the media like to use. As Jim put it in his Morning Jolt:

…this is a ridiculous cop-out on the part of bright media voices who should know better. You can always find some loon out there who can tie a current event to a vast conspiracy theory. The presence of that loon, or even a bunch of loons, doesn’t mean that the news event isn’t worth covering or examining. “Well, some voices on the right are overhyping the story” doesn’t mean you stop covering it.

Jim Geraghty also pointed out that CBS News’ reported – and frankly bizarre – concern over their own reporter Sharyl Atkisson’s recent hammering of the Obama administration might have something to do with the fact that CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes*.  Which is also something that I would have pointed out.  More profanely than Jim, which is another reason why I don’t go on CNN.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Who is, by the way, involved in the Libya thing all the way up to his eyeballs.

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  1. If there’s anything we found out during the Abu Ghraib kerfuffle, it’s that the Mainstream Media are deathly afraid of overhyping a story, right?

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