Politico asks: WWCD?

As in, What Would Cheney Do? …in relation to our current President and relentlessly conventional response to the current choppy waters. Politico notes that there’s another way. The Way Of Cheney.

The former vice president, through years of public statements and internal deliberations during the Bush administration, fashioned a distinctly different school of thought about how to operate in the midst of a Washington storm.

That philosophy, in a word: defiance.


What would Cheney do is not a question, to put it mildly, that Democrats are prone to asking.

I don’t think that Politico is really asking the question, either: if you get to the end you’ll discover that their actual advice is Start kissing up to the Beltway crowd there, Barry.  Which is… actually not bad advice; but mostly because Barack Obama couldn’t credibly imitate Dick Cheney on Obama’s best day and Cheney’s worst.  There’s something that our British cousins call ‘bottom:’ as far as I can tell, it kind of means guts, kind of means determination, kind of means political courage, and kind of means consistency.  Cheney has it.  Obama doesn’t.

Which is not a – well, sorry, but it is a personal flaw.  Can’t help that.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Politico asks: WWCD?”

  1. I am still of the opinion, the one thing that #Bengazi proves is when the 3:00 AM call comes, Americans would be better off if neither Barack Obama or Hiliary Clinton answers the phone. I’d much rather each covers their own backside by simply forwarding their phones to Dick Cheney. I doubt the former Vice-President would have entertained the thought that #Bengazi was to paraphrase George Will: “a movie review conducted with mortars and rocket propelled grenade”. I rather believe, Cheney’s response would be to call the boys at Gitmo and let them know to expect some guests in the near future.

    1. I think it’s deeper than that, tnfriend… but then, I’ve been paying attention.
      Domino Theory. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domino_theory)
      Specifically, Darth Cheney would not have let Mubarak go down – Cheney understood Mubarak was *our* thug. Ditto Gadaffy – no “kinetic activity” in Libya.
      This would not have removed the need to ship weapons to Syria via Turkey, but .. would have perhaps offered other options for Ambassador Stevens and the Turk counterpart to meet.
      In short .. violence remains the last refuge of the incompetent .. and Team Obama have used violence directly, or allowed it to be used far too often in their foreign policy.

      1. Oh no doubt, Cheney would have shown McCain & Norquist the door when they suggested letting Muslim Brotherhood take charge because you know Democracy (uh, Barry, Johnny, Joey, Grove – Hitler was elected). I was assuming Cheney wasn’t actually elected just that Hil and Barry forward their phones when the consequences of their incompetence like happen.

  2. The question is not what would Cheney do…but what Obama, Holder, Clinton and their minions have done.

    This article is chaff thrown up while the media re-calibrates…no way they’re going after Obama or even Holder…they’re all in. Obama will play the victim suit with a race trump and skate. Just as Clinton played the crazy bitch suit with a Bubba trump.

    Few Americans have any sympathy for the AP and Bengazi is over…like Fast & Furious…they got away with it…but the IRs matter is different.

    Every one fears the IRS…even the tax eaters. There are provable crimes with paper trails. Mid-low level employees will fold like cheap suitcases if threatened with serious jail time and they should be…they’d do it to taxpayers in a NY minute.

    People need to be fired and go to jail, especially this smug motherfucker:


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