And now, for something completely different. And show-off-my-geekness-y!

Let me take a moment or two off from what is becoming an epic eye-rolling session at the Internet to show off a couple of treasures that have arrived in the mail.  First off, from Studio Foglio:


That’s the medal and signed card from their second-to-last Kickstarter.  Notice that I’ve saved some space there: there’s a reason for that.  Anyway, then there’s this fun stuff from Howard Tayler…


Absolutely had to have the “Not my circus, not my monkeys” challenge coin.  Absolutely.  Also, note that those two Tagon Toughs coins are Series One.  Only the people who… were lucky enough to hit the critical time window, honestly… were able to snap those up.

4 thoughts on “And now, for something completely different. And show-off-my-geekness-y!”

  1. I made Series One by the skin of my teeth. Mine’s #848.
    So, how much seniority do you have on me? The pic is a bit fuzzy to get the number.

  2. Haven’t checked my mail yet, but I had my Traveller stuff on my doorstep. Card for a lifetime membership in the Traveller’s Aid Society, and a patent of nobility in the Imperium. Embrace the geekdom!

  3. I’m nowhere near Series 1. I still hope my coins are waiting for me in the mailroom, because that would be awesome.

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