California teachers’ group throwing down over forced union dues.

If this works, it would be the funniest thing EVER:

A group of California teachers is preparing for a Supreme Court battle to overturn forced union dues in a groundbreaking lawsuits filed in June.

For nearly three decades, the Supreme Court has allowed closed-shop unionism, in which public employees must pay dues to labor groups handling collective bargaining negotiations.

The Supreme Court established Beck Rights in 1988 allowing workers to opt out of union dues for political activities, while continuing to pay for union negotiating expenses. The teachers are hoping to take that battle one step further by putting an end to all coercive union dues.

It’ll take a couple of years to make its way up to the Supreme Court, of course – but this has been a good court for labor union reform; it’s got a definite shot.  I also very much wonder how many California government officials, deep in the recesses of what we shall graciously concede are their “souls,” do not secretly hunger for the ability to tell the unions to stop rooting at the trough*. Oh, no doubt much less than I’d wish – but maybe a bit more than you’d expect.

Hey. Ever the optimist, right?


Moe Lane

*If only out of sheer enlightened self-interest.

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    1. This is what happens when you continually appoint judicial activists to the Courts, it cuts both ways.

      p.s. Walker/Hailey or Martinez or Fallin. 2016

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