Behold the majesty and power of Alison Grimes’ campaign website!

Yeah, this woman was not prepared to run.

(That would be Alison Grimes, running for US Senate – Kentucky, and as a Democrat.)


Yeah, that’s the entire site, as of noon, 07/02/2013.  And before you tell me That can’t be her real campaign site let me just note: if Alison Grimes does have a website then it’s less visible than this one.  The woman is running for US Senate in Kentucky; you’d expect that she would not have started her election campaign off without even having the ability to collect donations online.  And that point is kind of important: I’ve seen some people argue that Grimes sat out the last fundraising quarter in order to be properly prepared for this one.  Well…


…No.  She didn’t.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: It’s looking very likely that somebody in the Kentucky party at least mildly pressured Alison Grimes into running for Senate; it’s the only way to explain why she’s so woefully unprepared for it.  Well, unless you accept ‘blithering incompetent’ as an excuse, which I suppose that you should.

[UPDATE: I see that Guy Benson over at Hot Air had exactly the same reaction to this as I did. Down to the title.  And there STILL isn’t anything up on the site.]

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  1. And as of this morning, that is STILL IT. They appear to just hire some developer and ask for the mininum package. They got it. Just for kicks, I click on and it looks EXACTLY like the page. Guess you don’t change things up if it works.

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