QotD, @JonahNRO Got It Right In 2006… edition.

…and he got it right today:

Politics has a math of its own. Whereas a scientifically minded person might see things this way: One person who says 2+2=5 is an idiot; two people who think 2+2=5 are two idiots; and a million people who think 2+2=5 are a whole lot of idiots — political math works differently. Let’s work backwards: if a million people think 2+2=5, then they are not a million idiots, but a “constituency.” If they are growing in number, they are also a “movement.” And, if you were not only the first person to proclaim 2+2=5, but you were the first to persuade others, then you, my friend, are not an idiot, but a visionary.

Alas, unlike Alice’s Restaurant: sometimes you cannot get anything you want.

3 thoughts on “QotD, @JonahNRO Got It Right In 2006… edition.”

  1. Umm, is the NRO link supposed to go to the 2006 article?
    In a way, I think the reading order, the 2006 piece then today’s, is better, and it just took a quick click on the top banner to get me today’s Goldberg piece, but this doesn’t look like what you were trying for.
    To preserve reading order, perhaps a below-the-fold postscript is in order?

  2. The problem with opposing populism is you then end up with what Scott Rasmussen calls the Political Class, which is the source of a whole lot of the bad ideas in DC. Try looking at pretty much any poll on rasmussenreports.com about what the Political Class thinks, and the divide between inside vs outside the Beltway becomes very clear.

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