Hobby Lobby locks down injunction over HHS abortion drug mandate.

Note that they haven’t won, yet: they’re merely no longer under the gun while they sue to have the HHS abortion drug mandate declared unconstitutional.

Today, a federal court granted Hobby Lobby a preliminary injunction against the HHS abortion-drug mandate. The injunction prevents the Obama administration from enforcing the mandate against the Christian company, which does not want to be compelled to pay for birth control or drugs that may cause abortions.


In an opinion read from the bench, the court said, “There is a substantial public interest in ensuring that no individual or corporation has their legs cut out from under them while these difficult issues are resolved.”

This is a direct result of the decision last month where an appellate court decided that Hobby Lobby did have at least some right to have a temporary injunction made on the requirement that its insurance covers morning-after pills to employees; the case was sent back down to for reconsideration.  The lower courts, taking the broad hint, reversed their original decision to make Hobby Lobby comply with the mandate or face significant fines.  This means that Hobby Lobby will officially now be out from under that fine until the lawsuits are completed.

Note: they can still lose their court case.



4 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby locks down injunction over HHS abortion drug mandate.”

  1. While I’m sure I disagree with Hobby Lobby’s founders on many, many issues .. I find this to be a good decision as it encourages freedom.

  2. Hey, Moe, are employers who offer health insurance to their employees required to meet minimal federal insurance coverage while the employer mandate is postponed?

    1. I assume that they’d still operate under any old rules until the new ones went officially into effect. I’m a propagandist and a gadfly, mind you, not an expert on federal/state health insurance regulations. 🙂

      1. The most bizarre outcome would be that there is not employer mandate but any employer that offers health insurance has to conform to Obamacare. When in doubt, the most bizarre is the most likely but how can we tell from how the professional journalists report?

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