@bradthor a book-burning victim? Well, that settled it: I *had* to go buy one of his books now.

I’ve been putting it off, but… well.

If he’s hated so badly by idiots, there must be something to Brad Thor’s work. So feel free:

And do check out that Wondermark link: because it really is a good life, having idiots hate you. Lucrative, too.

5 thoughts on “@bradthor a book-burning victim? Well, that settled it: I *had* to go buy one of his books now.”

  1. I read on Twitchy that he offered to buy George Zimmerman any gun he wanted, which is enough to set off leftists, apparently.

  2. My standard response to the book burner: so as long as they actually paid for the book, burn away.

    1. Yeah, the author gets the same commission whether the book is read or burned and burning them shows a healthy skepticism about Global Warming claims. Good on you, Nailing_it! You are an idiot but not a total one.

  3. I was introduced to him about a month ago, just had the chance to start reading his books two days ago.
    He writes a good thriller. I’d put him right there with Joel C. Rosenberg at the top of the current crop.
    The one I’m currently reading is Black List. It starts with a lengthy quote by Frank Church (D, ID) that is nearly guaranteed to make lefties squirm. The book nailed a whole lot of what’s recently come to light about the NSA. (If not the secretive cabal using them as a puppet–but then, how would we actually know?)

  4. Isn’t it odd how socialists/Progressives always descend into the seething barbarism of the Nazis/Communists?

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