“It’s a good life, having idiots hate you.” (You want to buy a print of that.)

I have actually wanted to put up this comic here for, like, forever: because it is so true


…but it never occurred to me to check to see whether reproducing it was permitted.  Turns out that it is, as long as I linked backSo here you go.  Also: you can get this as a print.  Which I have just done, so go ahead and do that yourself. It’s practically a perfect motto of the blogosphere.

@bradthor a book-burning victim? Well, that settled it: I *had* to go buy one of his books now.

I’ve been putting it off, but… well.

If he’s hated so badly by idiots, there must be something to Brad Thor’s work. So feel free:

And do check out that Wondermark link: because it really is a good life, having idiots hate you. Lucrative, too.

OGRE Pledge Drive Update. (With thanks to my trolls.)

Well, that was fast.  Depending on what clears when, I should be able to cover the $100 level of the OGRE Kickstarter and might even hit the $150 level (which looks like the maximum level of interest to people who just want one game).  First, I’d like to thank the people who hit the tip jar so that I may buy fourteen pounds of board game.  Second, I’d like to thank those folks again.  And, heck, a third time.




…and now that I’ve established who is actually important in this situation, let me then tack on a happy little ‘thanks’ to all the folks who send out all that hate mail.  It would be enough to know that my existence blights yours; but to actually profit from it is living the dream.  As a philosopher once said: “It’s a good life, having idiots hate you.”

And the funny part?  The trolls never learn.

#rsrh Annnnnd this is Team Romney’s problem, in a nutshell.

They’ve got these people running around and ticking off the other 75% of the GOP electorate:

Background post here: amazingly, somebody actually thought that the above was an appropriate response to a helpful suggestion*.  What it really was, of course, was an invitation for me to set up a direct-to-spam and an excuse to put up the PayPal button:

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#rsrh From the ML.com Mailbag.

The terrifying thing is, this guy probably thought that he was reaching out.

It is, of course, endlessly fascinating just how far a liberal will go to avoid noticing that the default option in pretty much any cop/Occupier confrontation these days will involve professional protesters (read: typically either progressives, or liberal Democrats) on one side and unionized (read: usually Democratic-affiliated) policemen following the orders of urban elected officials (read: usually Democrats) on the other.  Conservatives have about as much oversight over the process as we do over their primaries, which I am starting to suspect is what the Occupy movement is starting to serve as a proxy for, in a demented sort of way.  Certainly the Democratic establishment would want to turn it into one; after all, under current circumstances they can rather easily “stuff the ballot box,” as it were…

At any rate, I invite the Occupiers to start cleaning their own house, if they don’t like being pepper-sprayed. It’s not the VRWC’s fault that their own party establishment hates them.

Moe Lane

PS: As always: I figure that if I get this kind of response then I’m doing something right. If you agree, feel free to hit the tip jar.


Maybe I should do a Jane Yolen video.

Usually this stuff normally dies down after a day, but apparently point out the extremely obvious statement that a children’s author is a hateful bigot (and, might I add: just a wee bit ignorant about her political opponents) and it grates so on some.  You know what’s really fun?  The parts where they accuse me of censorship.  Of course I’m censoring you, you dolts: this is my site, and you’re dolts*.  Heck, censoring you is part of my business model.

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Ooh: new gaming books in.

Trail of Cthulhu’s Bookhounds of London & GUMSHOE’s Book of Unremitting Horror. Plus, thanks to the reaction to people like this (I decided to let some of all y’all see some of the hate mail after all)…

…reacting to posts like this, the PayPal account has been refilled to the point where I can go buy The Esoterror Fact Book now.  So keep that hate and rage coming, folks!  This is, like, my major source of disposable income at the moment*.

Besides: it’s a good life, having idiots hate you.

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“It’s a good life…”

“…having idiots hate you.”

Moe Lane

PS: That link is not to what just caused my wife to shake her head and mock-sadly tell my eldest, “Son, Daddy is a troll.”  Which I totally am, by the way.

No, that’s not the link, either.  The link is being suppressed because… well, because I’m a troll.  A bit of a sadist, too.