Maybe I should do a Jane Yolen video.

Usually this stuff normally dies down after a day, but apparently point out the extremely obvious statement that a children’s author is a hateful bigot (and, might I add: just a wee bit ignorant about her political opponents) and it grates so on some.  You know what’s really fun?  The parts where they accuse me of censorship.  Of course I’m censoring you, you dolts: this is my site, and you’re dolts*.  Heck, censoring you is part of my business model.

Hold on, let me throw some magnesium on the fire:

…I did that one right after we won the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, and my God but did it offend the Left.  So much so that I was able to monetize the video: and that was when the light shone down upon me and angels of Trade whispered numinous wisdom into my ears.  You can turn hate into money, yes: but it’s ever so much more ethical to turn other people’s hate into money.  More fun, too.

So keep ’em coming, folks: the more you scream, the more I make…

…and the new SM Stirling is coming out in two weeks.

Moe Lane

PS: As always, of course, I encourage people to also donate to actual charities that are worthier than Moe Lane’s Geek Habit. I’m fond of Jewel’s Give a Drop campaign, myself: clean water’s a starkly important issue in the Third World.

*Or using fake emails. Although I sometimes stretch a point on that. Or I don’t.

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