#rsrh You know, funny thing about Jane Yolen: I saw one of her books…

…in the Target this afternoon, and I thought Hey, I need to get some more kids’ books.  Then I remembered, Hey, wait, Jane Yolen absolutely hates it when us dirty, filthy conservatives read her books.   So I picked up The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (Pigeon) instead.  Because I don’t really know what Mo Willems thinks of conservatives; but I do know that he has the mother-wit to not go around in public and call half the country church-burners.

Yes, yes, I’m a horrible person for pointing all of this out.  People should so totally try to turn the Internet against me for this.

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Maybe I should do a Jane Yolen video.

Usually this stuff normally dies down after a day, but apparently point out the extremely obvious statement that a children’s author is a hateful bigot (and, might I add: just a wee bit ignorant about her political opponents) and it grates so on some.  You know what’s really fun?  The parts where they accuse me of censorship.  Of course I’m censoring you, you dolts: this is my site, and you’re dolts*.  Heck, censoring you is part of my business model.

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Jane Yolen doesn’t want your filthy conservative eyes…

[YET ANOTHER UPDATE]: Since this post has long since left the front page, I suggest that those of you upset that Jane Yolen has been accurately pegged as a hateful bigot go here instead to waste time writing bitter screeds about censorship that will be sent directly to spam… unread*, unloved, and unremembered.  Aside from everything else, the site automatically closes threads after a fixed length of time; this will give you a few extra days to distract you from the spiritual void that forces you to play moth to the flame.

Nay, thank me not.  Just buy stuff on Amazon.

*Unless I need them to fund my next pledge drive, of course.

[FURTHER UPDATE] Annnd somebody wins the coveted ‘direct-to-spam’ award for continuing to pout. I think that’s worth the PayPal button, don’t you?

Hey, this is how I got all those donations for the iPad2, remember? I don’t know why it works, either, but it apparently does and I don’t argue with any harmless societal quirk that feeds my gaming habit.  Which, unfortunately, seems to be happening with the iPad2, too.  Surely there’s a non-iPhone digital video camera that the iPad2 version of iMovies likes


[UPDATE] Thanks for the hate mail, folks!  Glad to get confirmation that I struck a nerve.

looking at her children’s books:

[The Capital Times]: What had you heard about our senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, before you read my piece and what concerns you about the idea of him reading one of your stories to children?

[Jane Yolen]: He is a Republican junior senator associated with the Tea Party. And that makes me think that either he is 1. A True Believer in the Tea Party NoNothingness which frightens me or 2. Kowtowing to it for votes which possibly frightens me more. Since the Tea Party (and alas much of the Republican Party these days) are the ones behind the notions of breaking unions, throwing librarians out of their jobs, and defunding education, I think it is more than a tad bit disingenuous for such politicians to be out in libraries reading books to children who will have no libraries to visit if we listen to the Tea Party.

The book in question was “How do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?” Apparently, the answer is “Only in a proper, progressive manner.” Personally, if I was a children’s author I might be a little more careful about spewing out my elemental hatred of a demographic known for its relatively larger family sizes, but I suppose that Yolen has not yet realized that potential readers can find out about these petty little prejudices these days. Either that, or it’s simply more important to her that she remind the world that courtesy and politeness only be shown to what Yolen apparently considers real people: that is to say, non-conservatives. Continue reading Jane Yolen doesn’t want your filthy conservative eyes…