#rsrh You know, funny thing about Jane Yolen: I saw one of her books…

…in the Target this afternoon, and I thought Hey, I need to get some more kids’ books.  Then I remembered, Hey, wait, Jane Yolen absolutely hates it when us dirty, filthy conservatives read her books.   So I picked up The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (Pigeon) instead.  Because I don’t really know what Mo Willems thinks of conservatives; but I do know that he has the mother-wit to not go around in public and call half the country church-burners.

Yes, yes, I’m a horrible person for pointing all of this out.  People should so totally try to turn the Internet against me for this.


Moe Lane

PS: I bring all of this up because… well, because I’m (hold on, let me transcribe my wife, here) “a partisan hack with a long memory and a taste for drinking the pain of weeping liberals*.”  But the other reason why I’m bringing it up is to remind people that making things ‘go viral’ is hard work.  Don’t believe people when they say that they have a foolproof method for easily doing it; trust me, if it was simple then people would do it every day.


*Yes.  I am very lucky.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh You know, funny thing about Jane Yolen: I saw one of her books…”

  1. Thanks for tip. I’ll keep this in mind when buying books. These authors, entertainers, company execs that speak out against the tea party in ways that know one woudl ever speak about liberal groups would ideally pay through lost business from their loud mouths.

    I am not sure how possible that is, but I know when I am out shopping or deciding what movies to see or books to read those stupid comments they make and the things that they have done ring in my mind. It may not mean that I will definitely boycott it (I do have kids/husband), but I have no desire to support them and am very likely to look for alternatives.

    I think I bought one of Yolen’s books for a gift. I won’t make that mistake again.

    1. BG5: Nah, this is just me reminding various and sundry lurkers that they swung and missed. Given that there’s about to be another round over in Wisconsin, it behooves me to do my little – my very little – bit to keep them riled up and spitting nails. 🙂

  2. I know Jane Yolen well and would be very surprised to hear that she has called conservatives “church burners.” Can you document this accusation?

    1. Gregory Feeley: Well, Sparky, you can do the following, in order.

      1). Click the links.
      2). Read an American history book which doesn’t have the word ‘Social’ or ‘People’s’ in the title.
      3). Stop wasting my infinitely more valuable time because you have no intention of doing either 1). or 2).

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