I don’t know whether I’m *sorry* to have missed Jurassic Park 2…

…or just really, really glad:

Via Do-Gooder Press.  It’s funny: when I saw Jurassic Park in theaters I was like Oh my God that is amazing. But by the time it hit VHS and I watched it again I was all Wow, that computer animation didn’t age well, did it? – And I don’t even know whether I’m being fair, there: it could have just been, you know, VHS. Either way: I somehow missed that the sequel involved uneven parallel bars, or whatever the term is.  Gimme a break, I haven’t had to concern myself with gymnastic events since the Soviet Union went belly-up and took with it the Olympics’ geopolitical relevance.

…I was originally going to just write “I got nothing,” but apparently that wasn’t true.

Moe Lane


  • Mark_E says:

    I take it you’ve never seen “Gymkata”?

    Because that is the greatest gymnastics action movie ever made.

  • Finrod says:

    The Jurassic Parks are like the Die Hards: 3 is better than 2, worth watching but still not quite as good as 1.
    Given my reaction to Die Hard 4, and Finrod’s Rule Of Movie Sequels (the fourth movie always sucks), my hopes are not high for Jurassic Park 4.

  • Skip says:

    JP2 and JP3 were awful. But as far as the original Jurassic Park, I went to see the 3d rerelease at the dinner theater near me a couple of months ago and it was still enjoyable. Oh, the CG itself looks worse than what you get on the xbox 360, but the movie’s still a ton of fun.

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