Tweet of the Day, Here We Go Again edition.

Seriously, this is exasperating.

The ‘natural born’ bit in the US Constitution was put in there to keep us from having some charismatic European royal show up in a crisis in the early Republic, get elected President, and then turn the whole shebang into a monarchy all sneaky-like. It was not put in there to make the kids of immigrants ineligible for the Presidency, and frankly that’s what the entire birther thing seems to have evolved into at this point. Or, given that it’s involving Donald Freaking Trump trying to log-roll Ted Freaking Cruz, ‘devolved.’

Moe Lane

PS: Friendly reminder: this is private property, and the leaseholder is cranky on this particular subject.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Here We Go Again edition.”

  1. Even IF ( I’ve read the birth certificate years ago and I fully believe it to be genuine) Obama had been born in Kenya or Indonesia or wherever the heck these people think he was born besides Hawaii. He would still fit the definition of “natural born citizen” as his mother was an American Citizen at his birth ( and hers as well). Ted Cruz ( Who we know was born in Canada) is still eligible to be President based upon his mother’s citizenship granting citizenship upon his birth.

  2. Birtherism was invented by Democrats connected or set loose by the Hillary Campaign. Unfortunately members of the GOP thought to use them to help John McCain and it has haunted us ever since. I’m somewhat looking forward to the DNC having to deal with their own Birthers if Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz run. ( and yes both Rubio and Haley will be attacked by the Birthers) Rubio is already being called an “anchor baby”

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