Scott Brown, you *damned* well better be just making buzz for a MA-GOV run.

Seriously. This is not the time.

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown told Iowa State Fair visitors on Sunday that he is “exploring a possible run” for president in 2016, according to reports.

According to WBZ Channel 4, Brown, a Republican, told a CBS affiliate that he is measuring interest in his “brand of politics.” The Iowa State Fair is a frequent stop for possible Oval Office contenders.

Now, if he is just making buzz for his MA-GOV run, that’s cool. Good strategy, in fact. Gets his name in the local Massachusetts papers for free.  But this is not something that should happen for real.


  • Spegen says:

    As much as liked him as a senator, even though trended more rino than I preferred, no more presidential candidates from Massachusetts.

  • Christine says:

    Thanks to Obama, now everyone who gets 15 minutes of political fame thinks they can be President. Sigh.

    • earlgrey says:

      Yes. I can’t believe how low we set the bar for President, and how as he continues to disappoint we as a country are inclined to blame anyone, but him.

  • Skip says:

    I dunno, it might not be all bad – I mean, wouldn’t having the RINO/Liberal vote split between Christie and Brown make it a lot harder for either one of them to win?

  • jbird says:

    He would be 2016’s John Huntsman. Media would prop him up as the “Reasonable Republican who gets 1% of the vote, proving the GOP is in some sort of death spiral”.

  • earlgrey says:

    I’ll be rushing out a donation for him right after I send one to Marco Rubio’s PAC, and that would be never. Nada. Nil. No way.

  • […] UPDATE: Moe Lane thinks Brown may be doing this to generate some buzz for himself for a Massachusetts gubernatorial run. At least, he hopes so… […]

  • midwestconservative says:

    Saw this on the Daily Caller, was wondering when you were going to comment. Would have never had found it if I wasn’t browsing through your blog late at night.
    My opinion about Scott Brown, stay in MA. Run for Governor in 2014 win, then run against Warren in a rematch in 2018. OR run against Markey in 2014. ( admittedly a path less likely of success)
    I DO NOT want him running anywhere outside of MA. We CAN do better in New Hampshire then him.

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