Scott Brown, you *damned* well better be just making buzz for a MA-GOV run.

Seriously. This is not the time.

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown told Iowa State Fair visitors on Sunday that he is “exploring a possible run” for president in 2016, according to reports.

According to WBZ Channel 4, Brown, a Republican, told a CBS affiliate that he is measuring interest in his “brand of politics.” The Iowa State Fair is a frequent stop for possible Oval Office contenders.

Now, if he is just making buzz for his MA-GOV run, that’s cool. Good strategy, in fact. Gets his name in the local Massachusetts papers for free.  But this is not something that should happen for real.

14 thoughts on “Scott Brown, you *damned* well better be just making buzz for a MA-GOV run.”

  1. As much as liked him as a senator, even though trended more rino than I preferred, no more presidential candidates from Massachusetts.

    1. Agreed and that includes Elizabeth Warren – am hearing she could be a very formidable opponent who could win it all if she ran in place of Hillary. Thoughts anyone?

      1. Up your dosage.
        That said, I hope she runs. That said, I watch NASCAR for the wrecks …

    2. The last time someone from Massachusetts won a majority of the popular vote, was Calvin Coolidge 1924. Seriously MA is where political careers go to die.

  2. Thanks to Obama, now everyone who gets 15 minutes of political fame thinks they can be President. Sigh.

    1. Yes. I can’t believe how low we set the bar for President, and how as he continues to disappoint we as a country are inclined to blame anyone, but him.

  3. I dunno, it might not be all bad – I mean, wouldn’t having the RINO/Liberal vote split between Christie and Brown make it a lot harder for either one of them to win?

  4. He would be 2016’s John Huntsman. Media would prop him up as the “Reasonable Republican who gets 1% of the vote, proving the GOP is in some sort of death spiral”.

  5. I’ll be rushing out a donation for him right after I send one to Marco Rubio’s PAC, and that would be never. Nada. Nil. No way.

  6. Saw this on the Daily Caller, was wondering when you were going to comment. Would have never had found it if I wasn’t browsing through your blog late at night.
    My opinion about Scott Brown, stay in MA. Run for Governor in 2014 win, then run against Warren in a rematch in 2018. OR run against Markey in 2014. ( admittedly a path less likely of success)
    I DO NOT want him running anywhere outside of MA. We CAN do better in New Hampshire then him.

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