Woo-hoo! Feng Shui is coming back!

Atlas Games is going to do a reboot, in fact – which makes sense; the action movie genre has evolved since it first came out, not to mention history in general. And what is Feng Shui? Well, it’s a roleplaying game… that. Well. Let me put it this way:

If you have ever had a player-character drive through a convenient window while simultaneously driving a motorcycling and cross-firing two Uzis at various Scorpion Cult mooks, then turned your mid-air dismount from said motorcycle (which may or may not be on fire at this point) into a forward roll from which you erupt in a furious maelstrom of punches, kicks, and casual violations of the law of inertia, until everyone is on the ground except for that one guy in a white suit and a couple of butterfly swords complete with glowing kanji, and that’s when the techno music shifts to something more punchy… well, you were probably playing either Feng Shui or Hong Kong Action Theatre, so there was no need to explain any of that to you.

It’s a fun game.

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  1. OK, I have my copy of Monster Hunter International. You get a copy of Feng Shui. Then we discuss a game day.

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