Rooting for injuries in its purest domestic form: Jim Moran vs. Charlie Rangel.

This is practically the Platonic Ideal of Let’s You And Him Fight:

Representative Jim Moran of Virginia, a Democrat known for his bullying behavior and loyalty to the Democratic House leadership, scolded Representative Charles Rangel of New York over his opposition to intervention in Syria on MSNBC on Tuesday night. Moran said that, because “we have the world’s largest military,” the U.S. has a responsibility to “do the right thing” and intervene. He bluntly told Rangel, a Korean War veteran, that “not only is your position wrong, but you’re going to cripple our president for the next 40 months.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is going to be the measure of just how viciously the administration is going to try to whip – yes, I do think that my choice of metaphor is deliberate – its Congressional wing back into line. Jim Moran going Full Metal Neocon on Charlie Rangel, complete with a stealth deployment of the race card*?  Truly, these are strange days.You may safely assume from the above that while I am not a Bush alumni, as a Bush supporter I am so totally laughing up my sleeve at these developments.  Only I keep seeming to miss the sleeve.

Moe Lane

*Personally, my reaction to being told that my actions would ‘cripple’ Barack Obama as President would be to smile – but then, I’m not a career African-American corrupt politician.  Moran knew just where to put the knife.

6 thoughts on “Rooting for injuries in its purest domestic form: Jim Moran vs. Charlie Rangel.”

  1. 50 Dems have already come out against, Every Republican should go ahead and vote against. EVEN Boehner and Cantor. With the departure of Joe Liebermann, Dems don’t have a single person who can debate foreign policy. Not even with isolationist Republicans.
    If Pryor starts criticizing Cotton for voting against, all Cotton has to do is mention how Obama’s plans were completely ineffective and in fact designed to fail.


    1. eh apologies about the formatting… I did not know it would do that :/ mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa

      I shall ring the tip jar in contrition….

  3. Nobody, to my Knowledge is for this intervention. Kind of odd to see the far left and the right agree on so much. Strange Days!

    1. Gonna throw Pournelle’s Axes again…
      Thing about Pournelle’s chart is … it’s not supposed to be two-dimensional .. it maps out really *really* well on a volleyball where you can see that the lines wrap all the way around .. and sometimes common cause can be made between unlikely bedfellows.

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