“Meat is murder. Vegetarianism is GENOCIDE.”

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has a point*.  Not that I really care too much; I like the way steak tastes, and I figure that anybody who has a problem with that** probably has their own little things for which they can be, pardon the grisly pun, raked over the coals.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, I like vegetables just fine.

*Strictly speaking, of course, meat is not murder: cows are simply not equivalent to humans. Yes, I know that there are several ethical and theological systems out there that would disagree with me; I don’t follow any of them.

**I have vegetarian friends; some have allergies, some have religious/ethical issues with eating meat, and at least one simply doesn’t like the taste of animal protein. Them, I’m polite to and try to accommodate.  It’s the killjoys that I’m mean-spirited to.

4 thoughts on ““Meat is murder. Vegetarianism is GENOCIDE.””

  1. Not a vegan can’t be, don’t retain salt, don’t retain cholesterol. Not as much fun as you might think. Especially when your body is always repairing damage. I am on the far end of the human bell curve toward carnivore status. Oh and I still have high blood pressure, imagine that. One might also think the diet Nazi’s have no idea what they’re talking about. And I like fruits and vegies just fine too. And nuts, love nuts especially covered in chocolate.

  2. Hey at least us meat eaters are humane and kill the things we eat first. Those raw apples and carrots are alive!!!!
    P.S. I prefer to cook my vegetables, and if I do eat fruit it has generally been canned before hand, so everything I eat IS dead before hand.
    P.P.S. this rant was inspired by the Red Green show, if you haven’t watched it, you should.

  3. Vegetarianism is important in my diet: I try only to eat animals that have been feed a vegetarian diet. There is speculation that “mad cow” started when some idiots grounded up some diseased sheep and fed them to cattle.

    I love to eat free range vegetarians! Beeves are good, lambs better and anything that tastes like chicken is okay in my book.

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