Oh, dear: Jim Moran is *upset* at the House of Representatives.

Excuse me, I need to poison the well here a little: Jew-hating, military-hating (and completely hypocritical), notoriously corrupt, potentially violent, and just generally scummy Congressman Jim Moran – who covers up for domestic abusers (and alleged abuser himself) – is upset that the House of Representatives voted to defund Obamacare.  Oh, my.  How will we ever cope?

“I used to be really proud of this institution,” Virginia Rep. Jim Moran said before the body voted Friday on a continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare. “I used to be able to go through my community and, many of those who have served as long as I have, know what it was like to be proud to be a member of Congress.”

Then quit, Moran.

Moe Lane

PS: Shorter Moe Lane: If Jim Moran is angry about something then somebody, somewhere, did that something right.

3 thoughts on “Oh, dear: Jim Moran is *upset* at the House of Representatives.”

  1. Jim Moran the A-List Bullsh#$er who spent 30+ years in the massive pile of Bullsh*t called the U.S. Congress, representing the massive pile of Bullsh*t known as Arlington, Virginia.

  2. Part of the Moran quote not cited here:

    “We need to believe in this government again.”

    I do believe in what this government intends to do, especially Moran’s vision of the government: enslaving everybody who is not a crony or specially favored. I believe that is what he and the Democrats will do if given a chance, and thus resistance to them at every level is the only proper course for those who understand them.

    midwestconservative above is too generous to Moran, and too hard on the species Ascaris lumbricoides.

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