*How* old is Jim Moran (D, VA-08), again?

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…65, is it? Well, that’s a little early. Still, being in a condition where you have to have your aides physically intervene every time you get asked a perfectly reasonable question about government waste is a little, ah, problematical:

Hot Air has more; Jason Mattera, of course, is the new editor over at Human Events (and welcome, by the way). He also seems to have a bit of a talent at finding Congressmen who don’t want to talk about the health care bill…

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PS: Both Matthew Berry and Patrick Murray are eager to help Jim Moran reach some sort of closure with both his anger issues, and his self-evident sense of resentment towards those fools that will not recognize Jim Moran’s genius. I imagine that both would be equally eager to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “*How* old is Jim Moran (D, VA-08), again?”

  1. Pretty funny stuff. I’ve been wondering how long it was going to take before the people that actually write the bills, ie. staffers, get involved in this debate. Since they are actually the referees standing around laughing as they intervene with their puppet, why don’t bloggers start questioning those bozos, too?

  2. In 2004, I was at Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Arlington, VA. Moran was there, and an elderly (~80) priest delivered the homily, wherein he stated that all Catholics must oppose abortion. After the Mass, Moran stormed the elderly priest while he was greeting folks on the way out. He pushed the old priest like he was about to fight him, then got up right in his face and started shouting, presumably about the abortion talk. I witnessed this, it happened. In the middle of a crowd at a popular church in his District, Moran tried to start a fistfight with a priest who could barely stand under his own power.

    Add that to the way Moran used to act when Mayor of Alexandria, and you can get a measure of the man. He used to go to Murphy’s and Union Street, down in Old Town, and he would take off duty or plainclothes Alexandria cops with him to get his back. He would start a fistfight with some poor schmuck and then let the cops beat the guy senseless. My best friend’s wife witnessed one of these, as she was a waitress at one of the bars he used to frequent. She said she saw him get red in the face and hop around when someone told him off for trying to lay middle aged “mack” on his wife, then Moran sicced the plainclothes cops on him and laughed while they made sure he “resisted” arrest. The Alexandria Police used to have a specific name for this “duty,” but I won’t repeat it, here.

    p.s. When Moran started the fight with the priest, there was a much larger, middle aged priest who ran up and intervened, telling Moran to back off. Moran went to push him, too, but then realized how big he was, and backed off. It’s common knowledge that Jim Moran is a bully and a coward, but the area is so hard Left, they keep returning him to Congress, year after year.

  3. Sadly, this guy is my Congresscritter. He has been in deep despondency since his best friend and fellow bandit, John Murtha, gave up his health care benefits. Could explain his snippiness.

  4. So what happens to that $4.4 billion assigned to non-existant districts? instant slush-fund? even if they wanted to is there a mechanism to ‘give it back’? Clerical errors – not a glitch part of the design!

  5. Sadly, this ass is my congressmen too. He is well known for having a bad temper. I can’t speak to the incidents above, but the cops have been known to visit his domicile for domestic abuse. Apparently, he racked up one divorce over that. And there was an incident where he manhandled a 10 year-old boy.

  6. I expect nothing less from that carpet bagging wife beater. Moron is a transplant from Boston, Mass and has had his share of alcohol abuse problems. When the newspapers published the details of his spousal abuse during his divorce, it was written off as legal maneuvering by his ex-wife. There was less commentary when two of his girl friends got into a very public fight on his birthday. He was entertaining one in his house in Alexandria (let’s not get into his Finance committee sweetheart mortgage) and another woman showed up with a birthday cake. The altercation did cause the police to respond. Jim Moran has alcohol, anger management, and ethics “issues”. It is incredible that citizens of Alexandria keep on re-electing him.

  7. Mom is 87 and getting quite senile. When she first started to fail she got very paranoid and angry. The doctor put her on risperdone and she calmed down. Maybe Moran needs to update his meds.

  8. Frankly, my dear, one needs no talents to find 219 people who don’t want to talk about the bill, which, btw, has a Rose Garden promotion to a law. He will be absolutely the most talented editor on earth if he could find a Congressman who had read what he voted for, and is willing to defend his vote.

  9. Go Jason!! That was priceless! What is the deal with those stupid buffoons, trying to build a wall around that angry, senile, corrupt piece of crap? Virginia wake up! Vote him OUT!

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