Yeah, I’m getting the impression that the rest of the country…

…may not be treating the shutdown with the same basic reverence that many inside the Beltway are treating it with.

Then again, for all I know everybody on Capitol Hill is explicitly trying to roll to disbelieve right now.

9 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m getting the impression that the rest of the country…”

  1. See, this is what happens when you send chaotic neutral (at best) with max CHA but no WIS spec avatars to DC. They’re NEVER gonna clear those checks.

  2. Which is why the GOP will win this round. Those low-information voters can work against us and, sometimes, for us. Shockingly enough, 800K is roughly 0.002% of the US Population and millions of Americans won’t be effected by the shutdown. The world hasn’t ended (like with sequester) and the only horror stories coming from the government right now is about the ObamaCare Exchanges.

  3. Three of my friends, who work for the federal government, were hoping that there would be a shutdown. They were all thrilled to begin their paid vacation.

    1. The House should make it clear that there will be no retroactive pay for furloughed workers. They must have some skin in the game.

  4. In my Facebook feed there is a letter from a rabbi of a temple in the Beltway. It is a kind letter, but what struck me is they’ll be having special sessions for personal finances beginning October 2nd. They’ll have all kinds of advice for government workers and the tone of the letter is a very sympathetic, we’ll-get-through-this one.

    My problem: This has been happening for 5-6 years now around the country. Govt. workers sure sound like a spoiled bunch.

    It is good that the spiritual community is reaching out to people affected by the shutdown. I just feel like the rest of the country’s woes have been completely ignored in favor of discussions about abortion and George Zimmerman.

  5. I do not know about you, Moe, but this shutdown is as close to a zombie apocalypse as I ever want to unlive thru

  6. If the Left is winning this, why is it that 1) I hardly see any posts on my FB page except for hard lefists I have the misfortune of being friends with and 2) why are they banging their fists et. al.? Seriously, is any low-info voter (the kind who won O a second term) even paying attention or caring? I get the feeling they’re not. Stay Strong GOP!!!

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