Very limited posting today.

I have six billion errands to run, I did not sleep well last night, and I am kind of grumpy and somewhat burned out because of those two factors.  There is, unfortunately, a good deal of stress involved with this gig sometimes; and it only gets worse when you can sort of move the needle on something, you think, maybe, but you’re not sure just how much you’re moving it…

…sorry.  That came close to whining.  Anyway, have to go mop the kitchen floor now.  Chores are useful for teaching a fellow about the need to focus.

2 thoughts on “Very limited posting today.”

  1. (Looks through internet portal…sees Moe mopping the floor and muttering to himself….
    I’ll just leave this here for Moe with a note….
    “Obamacare Flow Charts”….
    runs quickly away, grinning from ear to ear)

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