Honest Trailer: Pacific Rim.

My name is Moe Lane, and I endorse the contents of this trailer.

Via AoSHQ.


  • Luke says:

    Because watching huge robots punch giant monsters in the face was nothing short of awesome.
    Yes, mechs are a really poor use of assets. Yes, the inverse-square law means giant monsters can’t really exist. Yes, a ship can not be picked and used as a baseball bat. Yes, if you’re got an uber melee weapon, it would be a good idea to start with it, rather than use it as an ace up your sleeve. Yes, we’re curious monkeys, and would undoubtedly spent time pitching things into the rift and seeing what got through, and what didn’t. Yes, the “analog electronics” made no more sense than “reversing the polarity” being the answer for everything.
    And none of that mattered. It was still awesome. And I LOVED the grace note with the newton’s cradle.

  • midwestconservative says:

    “so awesome!!!”
    I’ve got to admit, I watched this in theaters, none of my family joined me, my sister looked at me with disgust that I’d stoop to watching such a “dumb” movie.
    BUT it was Awesome. I almost watched it twice.

  • Luke says:

    Blatant departure from topic follows. Feel free to move delete it, move it somewhere more appropriate, or whatever.
    The core team that originally put Red Baron together is back together, making an upgraded indy version of the game. They’re currently funding on kickstarter.

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