The ‘Halloween’ Honest Trailer.

I think that they had the right idea, here.  Just hack away everything that wasn’t the first Halloween — ah, the first-first Halloween movie — and go on from there.  Continuity?  Heh.  Slasher movies, my friends: slasher movies.  Call it an ‘alternate timeline’ if you like, and go on from there.

Besides, I hear that the suddenly-only sequel is pretty good.  That makes it easier to get away with this sort of thing.

The ‘Catwoman’ Honest Trailer.

They didn’t exactly resent having to make this, I think. But I think that Honest Trailers resents that Catwoman actually exists, and cannot be retconned out of physical existence like it would have been in the art genre that technically spawned this abomination before the Lord.  And I can’t say that I blame them, either.

Although those clips of Sharon Stone suggested that they might have been able to get a decent movie out it. Somehow.  It’d probably have to involve a tragic warehouse fire, or something.