The Moe Lane Halloween Chapbook sale continues!

Reminder: all four of my chapbooks (ANAGNORISIS, REVISIONARY, DECISIONS, and DUTIES)- will be on 99 cent sale for the rest of the week. There are four stories (a mix of spooky, horror, and fantasy) in each book (32K words total per book, more or less), each with its own illustration. Ideal for people looking for quick reads. And cheap, too! What’s not to like?


Doing a Haunted Walk tonight!

Add that to the list of Stuff I Haven’t Been Able To Do Lately. Although it’s a little unfair for my wife and I to do these: our idea of a good Christmas present is the complete collection of the Childe ballads. I forgot, one time in Colonial Williamsburg, and asked the nice girl who had just told us one story whether her story was related a particular folktale about Captain Franklin and the Northwest Passage and the resulting silence was slightly uncomfortable.

In my defense, it’s not like there are that many opportunities to have that sort of discussion. I can hardly be blamed, although I certainly should have known better. Still, as long as I keep my mouth shut tonight there shouldn’t be any problems. And the weather will be perfect.

God, but I missed Halloween.

Getting ready for Halloween 2021.

It is not yet time for the Buying of the Candy, but we are Assembling The Costumes. The eldest child wishes to go as a man with a fish head; the youngest is still thinking, but I suspect ‘cyborg’ will end up being involved. We will also need to pencil in a good time for the Decoration of the Yard. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

And this holiday is going on as scheduled this year, to the extent that I can personally manage it. We defiantly kept true to the folkways during the Plague Year; I’m hardly going to abandon them now. And I don’t give a damn if anybody doesn’t like that.

Halloween, 2020.

Tossed this off earlier tonight. Thought I’d fix it up some.

Even if no mortal comes this night
To thump up stairs with chill delight
And knock on doors to claim their prize
With breathy laughs and ritual cries...

For even if no life-warm hands
Reach out to make happy demands,
We still will have sweet bounty here:
The Pact we keep, so do not fear.

Come, ye spooks and ghosts in flight,
Attend, you children of the night:
Do not weep, lonely. Take your due;
For at this House, we welcome you.

Halloween 2020 update: three families going to be using the tubes.

I’m going to go find some families in our complex more tomorrow and Wednesday. Basically, we have wide-aperture cardboard tubes (two three-footers, bound with duct tape) which we can mount to our railings and slide candy down a socially distanced space to the kids below. I got two other houses to do this, and I can get another nine with the tubes we got. There’s a guy around here who always does bouncy displays for Halloween. He’ll go for this, bless me if he won’t.

Moe Lane

PS: Because it’s Halloween, and I decline to just give that up without a fight.