Special Halloween Chapbook sale, starting tomorrow!

For one week starting Saturday, all four of my chapbooks – ANAGNORISIS, REVISIONARY, DECISIONS, and DUTIES – will be on 99 cent sale! Now is the time to pick up quick, illustrated spooky, horror, and fantasy stories! (Each book has four stories, approximately 32K words total, each with an illustration drawn for the story itself). Now is the time to buy!

…Well, tomorrow is the time to buy. But you know what I mean.


DUTIES is now available in Kindle, KU, and print!

DUTIES is my latest illustrated chapbook:

Four tales of obligations! Four stories, each with its own illustration! And each with its own hero! There’s the killer robot of MEATBAGS, who cannot wait to tell you what he thinks about humanity. Then there’s the clever cleric of THE FIGHT IN THE GROVE, fighting to save the forest from corruption and blight! Joining them is the weary wisecracker of PROCESSING DUTY, buried deep in the darkest shadow of the Cold War. Lastly is MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPER, and his machinations in a funhouse mirror of two centuries. Read this cross-genre romp today! (Four stories, each with its own illustration, thirty-two thousand words total.)

And with any luck, I’ll have copies in time for Fright Reads. Slowly but surely, I develop a catalog…


A couple days left on DUTIES preorders and the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION super-sale.

Also: it looks like I might have copies of DUTIES available at Fright Reads! Which will be nice, if it happens. Obviously, I’ll have TINSEL RAIN there, too. Still trying to decide if I’m going to offer any particular sales there. After all, I’m pricing my books pretty cheaply now…

In the Mail: The Author’s Proof of DUTIES.

Faster than I expected, honestly. Fast enough that I’m wondering if I can have DUTIES ready for Fright Reads after all. It’d be tight, but depending on when I have this book published…


TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION will be on Kindle super-sale tomorrow!

But you’re welcome to buy it now.

TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION: “Set in the same world as FROZEN DREAMS, this sprawling anthology stretches over 900 years of future post-apocalyptic fantasy history! There are ten stories, including several never before published; and, for fans of FROZEN DREAMS, there’s a new novelette starring Tom Vargas.”

Moe Lane

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Need an opinion on the DUTIES book cover. [UPDATED]

My wife suggested that I do an offset of the image, this time, because of the nature of the picture. What do you folks think? I could go with both.

UPDATE: She was thinking of something like this:

Which, admittedly, is a good deal better than what I thought she meant originally. Look, I just bang on the clicky-things until the words come out of the magic thought-box.

If you signed up for beta reading for DUTIES…

…it would be useful if you could finish up (or just send me what you got) by the end of the week. Once I have all the feedback I’m getting, I can put the Kindle together and get the whole thing ready for printing. Also: if time has cruelly, cruelly betrayed you, no worries. Time snuck up on me, too.