North Dakotan woman hates Halloween, and apparently small children.

Is this woman utterly mad?

A North Dakota woman said she’s not planning on handing out candy to children she believes are “moderately obese.” Instead she’s giving them letters.

The woman’s plan to take childhood obesity in her own hands is sparking much controversy after she called into a Fargo, N.D. radio station early Tuesday morning.

Somebody should explain to said woman the reason for the season.

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Seriously, though, what makes this obnoxious instead of just goofy is the fact that the woman feels the need to lecture. My kids aren’t fat, but I’d be just as insulted if they got one of these letters as somebody whose kid isn’t in line with a largely arbitrary BMI range.

Moe Lane


8 thoughts on “North Dakotan woman hates Halloween, and apparently small children.”

  1. Its very tempting to go completely off on this with the angry yet well reasoned multi-point argument that’s in my head, but it would be just preaching to the choir here.

      1. Are you kidding Mr. Lane? This could be great! We just need to prime the children, all of who should be told to make “helpful” comments to her. “You know why she gave you a letter billy? Because she doesn’t want you to end up as fat and ugly as she is (hands the lady a letter with the information to a good plastic surgeon)!”. “Wow Lady! Is there any candy left on this block, or did you eat it all?”. “Gosh, you’re so brave! I wouldn’t be able to be in public with a nose like that…..”. The tempo of the age is this sort of cruel “helpfulness”? Throw it back in their face tenfold. Children LOVE it when they are allowed to be cruel……

  2. The demand is “trick or treat”. Should she deliver a lecture rather than a treat, she can expect soaped windows, toilet paper in her trees, and eggs splattered everywhere.
    And that’s if they don’t get creative.

  3. If she’s going to hand out verbal flaming dog poo, I expect she’s going to see the real thing coming back.

  4. We seem to have let people say and do the most ridiculous things with impunity and so now we have people who feel like they have the right to do this to young kids and even think they are better people for doing it.

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