OGRE arriving!

It’s all that I dreamed of, and more.


Yeah, I know, ha-ha. Although, seriously: reissuing the original Ogre game in the same style, format, and price? That’s pretty sweet.

Anyway, here’s the actual (big) box:


To give you an idea of perspective, let us use this convenient cat:


And here’s the bag that – theoretically – you could lug your Ogre game around in.


Hollow laugh.

…And that’s there’s going to be of this tonight: my darling children have already worked out that this is a toy, and the idea that it is exclusively a DADDY toy is apparently alien to their cognitive processes.  This sucker’s already locked away, in other words.

All in all, very exciting.  And I didn’t have to call up FedEx and scream at them once.  Today.