The @SJGames T-Shirt Kickstarter.

Don’t worry, I vetted it; Steve Jackson Games is fulfilling the Kickstarter domestically. And vetting is just what we’re going to have to do, now. I was already uneasy about using products made by PRC convict/slave labor, and this rolling biosecurity disaster has only bolstered that.

But! They’re using a local Austin T-Shirt vendor, and hopefully this will fund well enough that they will offer and I can get an In Nomine shirt. If not, well, I like the Illuminati one, and that will probably fund.

The deceptively expensive SJG Pocket Box Games of the Eighties Kickstarter.

This one will get expensive real fast, if you let it.

Your best bet here is to hope that you already have most of these, thus allowing you to get away with only tossing down twenty bucks for the gap in your library. I actually have most of these, but I don’t have Necromancer. So, I get Necromancer, no worries, everything’s cool.

Until the hidden stretch goals unlock, of course.

Excellent news: SPANC is back.

SPace Amazon Ninja Catgirls.  It’s a game.

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