The @SJGames T-Shirt Kickstarter.

Don’t worry, I vetted it; Steve Jackson Games is fulfilling the Kickstarter domestically. And vetting is just what we’re going to have to do, now. I was already uneasy about using products made by PRC convict/slave labor, and this rolling biosecurity disaster has only bolstered that.

But! They’re using a local Austin T-Shirt vendor, and hopefully this will fund well enough that they will offer and I can get an In Nomine shirt. If not, well, I like the Illuminati one, and that will probably fund.

2 thoughts on “The @SJGames T-Shirt Kickstarter.”

  1. I’ve been seriously tempted by the GURPS basic, but $31.50 (after shipping) for a t-shirt is a bit hard to justify.
    We’ll see if “shiny” overpowers “skinflint”.

    1. Yeah, but I’m being speculative. There’s a half-decent chance that I’ll get access to a Flaming Feather shirt, which would justify it all.

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