The deceptively expensive SJG Pocket Box Games of the Eighties Kickstarter.

This one will get expensive real fast, if you let it.

Your best bet here is to hope that you already have most of these, thus allowing you to get away with only tossing down twenty bucks for the gap in your library. I actually have most of these, but I don’t have Necromancer. So, I get Necromancer, no worries, everything’s cool.

Until the hidden stretch goals unlock, of course.

6 thoughts on “The deceptively expensive SJG Pocket Box Games of the Eighties Kickstarter.”

  1. Still a bit miffed that KF 2100 and Raid on Iran aren’t in the mix. Oh well.
    Also, CMON launched a “Munchkin Dungeon” game yesterday, so there’s more opportunities to give SJG some money. Plus a floating nose mini.

  2. I had most of those. They disappeared while I was away at school.
    If there were any chance my kids would want to play them, I would be very tempted.

  3. Car Wars. Good times playing that with my brother. I often wish that I had some of the weapons while driving in New England traffic…

  4. This is bad … I practically unshelved everything in our basement library last month looking for the original Car Wars LBBs – I had most of them back in the day, and my son’s at the right age, and has the right personality, to really enjoy them.

    Although this collection would only replace the very basics of the game – I’d still be missing Midville, and the rest of the Uncle Al’s, and a few other things.

    But still…

    1. I know exactly where my original of Car Wars went .. into the dumpster, following the year we had seven feet (yes, feet) of water in the basement…
      For values of fortunately, Junior Cat does not have the temperament for Car Wars, so …

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