Spanish burglar finds evidence of pedophilia, so tips off cops, OF COURSE.

I am not entirely certain why anybody would be surprised to hear that a burglar, having discovered that s/he had just robbed a pedophile soccer coach, would indeed tip off the authorities as a matter of simple civic duty:

The [stolen VHS] tapes had been placed beneath a brown car parked in the south-central [Spanish] city of Jaén, along with a note giving them the address of the suspect, police said in a statement.

“I have had the misfortune to have these tapes fall into my hands and feel  obliged to submit them so you can do your work and put this … in jail for life,” the anonymous note read.

I mean, there’s criminal, and then there’s evil.  By all means, let us vigorously prosecute burglary and put burglars in jail when we catch them, because stealing things is wrong. But let’s face it: if you had to choose between a burglar and a pedophile for your next door neighbor there really isn’t a choice at all, is there?

Via @RightInPlanning.

Moe Lane


  • acat says:

    It’s stuff like this that proves honor among thieves exists .. on some level, anyway.
    Honor among politicians appears to be extinct.

  • Cameron says:

    Given the usual place of pedophiles in the criminal hierarchy, I’m not really surprised.

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