Maryland inadvertently experiments with cross-state #obamacare plans.

Alternative title: why must you do this to me democrats i dont even my pain fills the stars

Marylanders who use the federal health reform site to search for navigators who can help them enroll in health plans in-person are getting directed to agencies in other states.

…Which is nice of Maryland, given the way that Gov. Martin O’Malley* and the rest of his Democratic krew have utterly [expletive deleted] up the state exchange already.  And note the tense: this is happening right now.  Your guess is as good as mine as to when, or if, it gets fixed.

Via Hot Air: I wonder whether Mary Katharine Ham was notably terse about this one because the alternative is to start bouncing spoons off of selected Marylander Democratic heads.

Moe Lane

*Ever hear of him?  He was one of those guys who once thought that he could run for President, some day.


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