Greg Abbott Wheelchair Troofers. How charming.

As in, people who think that Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott doesn’t REALLY need a wheelchair. Like Twitchy, I am hoping that this is just an example that, in a population of 300+ million, you’re going to find two abject idiots with the same delusion and an email account, but as I understand the current rules-set of the Democratic party Wendy Davis is required to own the aforementioned abject idiots. Moral of the story? What goes around, comes around.  Don’t like it? Don’t go around.

Also: I understand Glenn Reynolds‘ rueful head-shake over how far the Party of FDR has fallen, but I am compelled to note that FDR was forced to go to great lengths to conceal just how badly he had been crippled by polio.  Largely because he was (apparently justifiably) worried that being frank on that topic would hurt him with Democratic voters…

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “Greg Abbott Wheelchair Troofers. How charming.”

  1. The Reality Based Community!™
    You know, the Birther thing started with Democrat supporters of Hillary Clinton. I was fooled by the theory for all of the length and breath of how a simple search for the facts.
    I also don’t understand how Alex Jones is consider a conservative. I have briefly heard him talk, and he just seems to sound like a racist anarchist.

  2. They proclaim themselves “Progressives”. The “progressives” pushed euthanasia.
    Put two and two together.

  3. The internet just helps people like that fill the barren void in their lives. Some people pretend to be horny teenage girls, others pretend that they have seen The Truth.

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