7 thoughts on “So, I wonder what today’s Bundle of Holding is? …It’s Traveller.”

  1. Oh man, I remember those books. I wonder what happened to my copies of them? I still have my original 2E D&D books, but Traveller is long gone for some reason…

  2. Traveller .. the first game system I ran into that really (*really*) demanded good world-building/story-telling skills from the DM. (okay, GM)
    Sadly, ours was not up to the challenge, and .. gameplay suffered until we moved to another system (with more pre-packaged content) entirely.

  3. He should have tried incorporating stuff from other game systems, I found it helped a lot. “The Steading of the Hill Giant Chieftan” and “Journey to White Plume Mountain” were probably my most traveled modules showing about in numerous game systems. But I included stuff from other Sci-Fi games as well. Just had to do a little work to fit them into the Traveller millieu. Various sci-fi stories were able to work in as well. Fun times!

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