Quote of the Day, Maybe The *WaPo’s* Readers Needed To Be Told This edition.

Speak for yourself, Chris Cillizza…

While most people focus on the 63-seat Republican gain that brought the GOP control of the House, what often gets lost is the remarkable turnover in governorships and state legislatures.

my readers were properly informed. And then there’s this chart, which shows that the only times in the last century or so that the President’s party gained state legislature seats in a midterm were in 1934 (first flush of the New Deal) and 2002 (first flush of the GWOT). Those are grim odds for the Other Side’s political partisans.

Moe Lane

PS: Remember: state legislature seats. Even in 1998 we apparently picked up seats at that level.

PPS: There is no such thing as an unimportant election.