*Other* Tweet of the Day, What, Indeed? edition.

So this is going on…

…which led to this question:

The thing is, De Blasio has other problems. Like the fact that he can’t go to sleep. The clowns will eat him.

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    1. In other news Bill Clinton is going against Democrats concerning the internet, it should prove to be interesting. I think his statements could undercut Democrats over giving the UN control of the internet.

      Moe, I sent you an e-mail with a link to the story.




    1. Given the location shown, my first question would be “is it immune to the grill of a Toyota Tundra doing about 30mph?”

  2. Ah. “Road Construction Clown”.
    Google “Raymond Thunder-Sky”. I thought my co-workers had made him up until the day we were at lunch and he walked by the restaurant window — clown costume, hard hat, lunch pail and all.

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