*Other* Tweet of the Day, What, Indeed? edition.

So this is going on…

…which led to this question:

The thing is, De Blasio has other problems. Like the fact that he can’t go to sleep. The clowns will eat him.

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    1. In other news Bill Clinton is going against Democrats concerning the internet, it should prove to be interesting. I think his statements could undercut Democrats over giving the UN control of the internet.

      Moe, I sent you an e-mail with a link to the story.




  2. As long as it’s not immune to edged weapons and fire I’ve got no problems with it.

    1. Given the location shown, my first question would be “is it immune to the grill of a Toyota Tundra doing about 30mph?”

  3. Is that Mayor De Blaiso? It certainly would explain why he’s always late to everything.

  4. Ah. “Road Construction Clown”.
    Google “Raymond Thunder-Sky”. I thought my co-workers had made him up until the day we were at lunch and he walked by the restaurant window — clown costume, hard hat, lunch pail and all.

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